Livigno- Kindergarten in the beautiful landscapes of Livigno there is full of toys and ready to welcome your kids with creative activities.
Livigno-Kindergarten is dedicated to children , but most of all to those parents who want to hear them laughing and to surprise them with new experiences on the snow, where they can play and ski.

Mom and Dad can have a great time skiing, and enjoy their relax, as they know that their children are undergoing games on the snow with qualified ski instructors and very funny entertainment staff.

In Livigno kindergarten they will play a lot. Having fun in the snow is the main thing. The basics of skiing will be taught in a playful way. We always have drinks and biscuits with us and the ski instructor always has a goody bag too.

Livigno-Kindergarten is dedicated for children
from 4 to 10 years
Meeting point Sunday at 10 a.m dos 18 ski area in Livigno

6 days lessons, lunch and fun from Sunday until Friday
Price 300 Euro / children
from 10.30 until 12.30 ski lessons with professional ski instructor
from 12.30 until 13.30 lunch with baby sitter in 4 stars hotel
from 13.30 until 14.30 fun and games with baby sitter in the kinder play area
from 14.30 until 15.30 ski lesson with professional ski instructor

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