livigno ski LESSONS

Heading over to the beautiful mountain slopes of Livigno? What better way to spend your holidays skiing on the snow-clad slopes of the Alps?

Wait! What? Don’t know how to ski? No problem! Livigno Ski School brings to you accurately tailored Livigno ski lessons. A perfect way to learn skiing and have fun with it.

Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a pro,Livigno Ski School offers expert ski lessons for all. Choose your lesson as per your level and our experienced ski instructors will guide you accordingly.

We have 150 expert ski instructors in our school that are certified and efficient to teach the right techniques of skiing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about skiing, our instructor will teach and train you in no time.

Our team has curated three levels of learning lessons that you can choose as per your requirement. 

  1. Private Lessons - Here you’ll get a more intimate skiing lesson with undiverted attention from your instructor. You can avail one on one training on how to ski from an expert ski instructor. You can share your private lesson classes with your friends and family members as well. We charge €10 per  person in our base Private Lesson Plan if you choose to add members in the classes.
  2. Group Lessons - Group Lessons are perfect if you don’t want to feel lonely while taking up our ski lessons. We divide the groups based on age and levels of learning. The Group Lessons have a maximum number of 8 people of the same age group and learning level. You can have a lot of fun meeting new people in our Group Lessons and also train under the expert hands of our ski instructors.
  3. Kindergarten - Now this one is a ski lesson that is especially tailored for the young aspiring skiers. Our school offers ski lessons in Livignofor ages 4 to 10 years old. Our instructors find the best way to teach the young ones the right skiing techniques. We give our best efforts to make the classes for Kindergarten fun and playful.

Book Your Ski Lessons With Livigno Ski School NOW!

Learn how to ski with your friends and family by taking our expert ski classes in Livigno. We guarantee that you’ll never have a dull moment in our ski lessons in Livigno as we curate the classes for all in the most fun and exciting way.

But that’s not all! We also give priority in offering value for money lessons for all. That’s why our varied ski classes have the lowest priced packages. So choose your classes wisely and enjoy learning this amazing activity.

You can book your ski lessons with us in advance with our simple online booking option. All you have to do is fill in your details and hit the ‘BOOK NOW” button.

Get ready to have fun with your loved ones in our amazing ski lessons. All our instructors are qualified to train and teach you the best techniques.