December 16, 2020
Ski In Europe 2
Five Best place to learn Ski in Europe

Learning a new skill not only occupies your mind but also helps you focus on something positive. It is a way to escape the never-ending news and social media cycle and do something positive. Whether you are five or fifty-five, learning to ski is never too late. It might be easier to start young, but by learning the basics on the right level-appropriate slopes, you can move into skiing at any age. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to booking a ski holiday for beginners. There are so many resorts to choose from, but how to select the best one? What are you meant to watch out for, and what can you avoid? Our guide to the best place to learn to ski in Europe will help you answer all these questions, and include practical tips and advice.

Three tips to prepare for your first skiing holiday

  1. As they tend to be a little quieter than the larger ones, search for smaller ski areas (about 100km of slopes). The time of the year you travel depends on how busy it is. The half-term appears to be quite busy, so you’ll have more of the mountain to yourself and fewer people whizzing by if you can stop that.
  2. To get you going, you’ll need classes, so a good skiing lesson is a must. The resorts below are famous for their excellent schools for skiing. A good instructor will turn you into a positive influencer in no time from a nervous Bambi on the snow.
  3. Finally, good value is imperative. If you’re the Beckhams, you don’t want to spend lots of money on anything that you’re not 100% positive you’re going to take with you. We have selected resorts that will not only give you the best beginning for your love of skiing; they will not even break the bank.

Here are the Five Best place to learn to ski in Europe.

  1. Les Deux Alpes

2 Alps, primarily because of the resort nature, is our first option for inexperienced skiers. Many high alpine experiences in other resorts are limited, but in “L2A,” you can ski easily in the mountains. The magic is on the Jandri Express 1 lift, enabling skis and footballers to enter the glacier at 3,400 meters from the resort. The starting area is at the top, not the bottom, and the popular after bar Pano at the middle station is easily reachable.

  1. Livigno ski school

The ski school in Livigno provides ideal conditions for learning to ski or enhancing your ski technique. The Dos 18 ski resort of Livigno via Saroch is home to Livigno’s ski college. Built for kids, adults, and all ages. Livigno ski school is certainly situated in the best ski school camp in Livigno with progressive difficulty on the slopes. Livigno ski school is the ideal place to start with your instructor and hit the highest slopes with the carosello 3000 cable car near the Livigno ski school’s meeting point if you are not a beginner but want to perfect your technique.

  1. La Plagne

A sprawling resort with nine village areas for ski resorts, La Plagne appears on several ‘best for’ lists. However, for beginners, it is a great option to base yourself in Plagne Bellecote. With four chairlifts and a gondola at Plagne Bellecote, skiing is on your doorstep. Plus, getting around in the evening by bus or gondola to Belle Plagne is super easy just up the road. In the middle of the village, there is a heated outdoor pool with a view of the piste.

  1. Meribel

Skiing in The 3 Valleys” is the first preference of many people. You’ve probably heard of it even though you’ve never been to the Alps. Courchevel, Meribel, and Val Thorens are excellent resorts, but for beginners, Meribel is excellent. It enjoys the best weather in the three resorts, sheltered by steep mountains, and has a decent number of easy runs, not all green but easy blues. Besides skiing, you can take advantage of the snowmobile games, husky puppies, ski-shoeing, swim in the Olympic pool, or relax at one of the several wellness centers, with a pedestrian crossroads lead you to the highest mountains and lunches like La Folie Douce.

  1. Breckenridge

A wildcard, deservedly so, though. ‘Breck’ is situated high in the Colorado Rockies, but it only takes two hours from Denver airport or London Heathrow to one-stop. Skiing in the USA is an experience that everyone should try, and the locals make everyone feel absolutely welcome in typical stateside fashion. You will get absolute first-class tuition in small groups as a novice, on uncrowded slopes with no button lifts and incredible snow.

Get Moving and Learn to ski this winter

We hope this article has inspired you to leave your warm bed and explore some options to enjoy outside this winter. For the health of your mind and body, choosing the best place to learn to ski in Europe is important. If you do it at the right place with the right people, learning to ski is easy, so make a plan to enjoy some snow activity now.