Livigno ski school offers perfect condition to learn to ski or improve your skiing technique. Taking professional ski lessons with us, will help you get the basis down and improve your technique more quickly. Whether you’ ve tried skiing a few times or you want to make that inaugural Livigno skiing trip.

Designed for kids,adults and those of all levels. Livigno ski school is undoubtely located in the best ski school in Livigno with progressive difficulty of the slopes.

Professional ski instructors and wide ,easy sunny slopes make the ideal condition for learning the first step on ski and make easy and complete learning program in Livigno ski resort.

If you are not beginners but you want to perfect your technique, Livigno ski school is the perfect point to start with your instructor and reach the highest slopes with cable car located near the Livigno ski school meeting point.

We look forward to welcoming you back for group and private lessons at our Ski School Livigno, where we will provide a safe and fun experience that will help take your skills to the next level.


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    If you want to learn to ski ASAP then Private Ski Lesson is the right choice for you. Private Ski Lessons offered by Livigno Ski School you’ll get the opportunity…

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    Group lessons weekly course

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    Group Lessons are perfect for all levels of learners and age groups. We offer our fun Group Lessons from …

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  • Livigno Kindergarten
    Full day, weekly course for kids

    Livigno- Kindergarten in the beautiful landscapes of Livigno offers toys and arranges for creative activities that are sure to give your kid the best holiday…

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With our expert skiing lessons you’ll get to experience the best moments of skiing with your friends, family and loved ones. Our Ski School in Livigno offers everyone a fair share of ski learning techniques. Whether you are an amateur who’s looking for a great place to sharpen your skills or a beginner who wants to learn skiing, our ski school in Livigno is the right place to get started With us you are guaranteed to get –

  • Best Instructors – We have certified skiing instructors working for us that provide expert skiing techniques and lessons. You’ll be under the supervision of great skiers who’ll teach you this amazing sport.
  • Low Price Lessons – Our Livigno ski school offers low priced lessons so that everyone can learn this fun and exciting activity. You can choose our different priced lessons as per your requirement.
  • Rapid Check In Options – We provide all our learners instant check in options so that they can get started with their ski lessons ASAP. This is to make your ski lessons as convenient as possible.
  • Book Online – With our advance online booking option you can register yourself and your family for the skiing lessons in advance. Fill in your details on our website and book your lesson with our reputed ski school Livigno.
Make the most of your skiing experience at our ski school in Livigno for beginners, amateur or pro.

So what are you waiting for? Book your skiing lessons with us NOW!

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