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Dos 18 fun ski área in Livigno resort is one of the best Ski resorts for beginners in Europe.

You will find rolling carpet and wide gentle slopes ...Is a perfect solution for those who are learning first steps on the ski .

Ski school in Livigno for beginners is the best choice you can make because we are in the best school ground in Livigno and we offer the best in skiing for beginners in Europe.

FAQ Beginner ski lessons

When skiing for the first time, you will be slow and stiff .At the first hour lesson you will learn how to control your speed. Improving this step gradually disappears the insecurity and the fun begins.

Skiing is easier to learn  - everyone can learn. With skiing, a beginner's technique can be broken down into a modular approach but its perfection will require you to become technical.

Ski  can be taken up almost as easily at 40 or even 50 as at 10 or 20. The first time you go skiing, try it for a day or two, preferably at a well-developed ski resort.

Usually, beginners can  do their first snowplow turns on the blue slopes after the first 3 hours of their skiing course. Take one lesson a day and then explore by yourself after the lessons is the best way to learn. After lesson just train a bit and repeat what you have learned with the ski instructor. Respect the timing that the instructor propose for you. Don’t be hurry

As a beginner, you will need at least a week of group lessons or a series of three hour private lessons to feel safe and in control on your skis . Obviously the more lessons you have the quicker you will improve!

No , skiing at the beginning is not very instinctive you need to learn the base of technique with ski instructor.

Livigno is excellent for learning to ski especially in front of our ski school is really perfect for that.