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Best Things to do in Livigno

As you can imagine, the best things to do in Livigno typically take place outside.

Colorful Livigno is full of fun things to do year round. Each season provides something unique!.

It’s more than just epic skiing and walking downtown! During the cold, snowy times, there is a good variety of fun activities to do in Livigno. Winter fun typically lasts from beginning December to end of April.

Get ready to discover the best attractions and things to do during winter time in Livigno with our comprehensive list:


Looking for snowmobiling in Livigno? we get at the best price and the best snowmobile experience for you!

Combine the thrill of a high-speed ride with snowy alpine scenery and you’ve just discovered why snowmobiling is so popular in Livigno.

Depending on what type of experience you’re looking for, snowmobiles, go cart on ice or quad bike ...are easy to rent and easy to use, and there is a plethora of guided tours for first-timers.

The closest snowmobiling pist in the town on the lake of Livigno, reachable by freebus, or cars with free parking.

The lake of Livigno during the winter turns into snowmobile tracks,which offer one of the fastest and most exhilarating ways to explore the beautiful landscape of Livigno Lake.

Highly requested activity! Online booking is recommended, to be sure to arrive on site and find the availability of your vehicle. You can choose your favorite vehicle on the spot. Snowmobile, Go cart or Quad bike.


Who as the best Typical dinner In Livigno? What about the most authentic dishes? We’ve turned the town upside down and shaken its pockets for the best, the latest, and the most useful dining advice ever.

Best restaurant with typical dinner in Livigno. What does a typical dinner in Livigno mean? it means that with the snowmobile (about 7 min) you will pass through a suggestive snowy forest to reach a warm and comfortable wooden mountain hut. The feeling of being lost in the mountains of Livigno, where you can spend an unforgettable evening and taste the excellent food of this restaurant with a beautiful night view of livigno from above.

How to get that impossible Typical dinner reservation?

By booking online now.


Winter tandem flights off Livigno snowy mountains.

The paragliding flight experience in Livigno is a guarantee for fun but mainly for safety.

Fabio has many years of flying experience and knows the skies of Livigno like no other.

Many people have flown with Fabio, guaranteed fun and safety and you will also get a great video and souvenir photo of your flight to show to your friends.


Here we offer the best wines and typical products tasting in Livigno.

We provide a wide choice of wines together with our typical local products. Book now and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience, a journey through the flavors of Valtellina and Livigno.