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Ski lessons from outstanding team of Livigno ski instructors provide the best possible opportunity to learn or improve your skills, build confidence on the mountain and access lift line priority.

Livigno has 150 certified ski instructors. In Italy this profession is taken very seriously. From a Livigno ski instructor with regular qualification you can be sure of getting a professional and safe service for you and your family.

A Livigno Ski instructor must have a regular license to be able to teach in Italy, this is a guarantee that he comes first from a high-level sports career and then from professional training course that enables him to teach skiing with all the guarantees.

Skiing is fun but choosing a snow professional is essential and safe.

Franco Bernardi is a passionate skier, and is part of the team of Ski Instructors in Livigno with great experience of teaching ski.

Is a smiling person who in addition to teaching you how to ski , makes you feel comfortable from the first meeting.

For Franco, it’s more than just about developing better technique, it’s all about having an enjoyable, fun ski holiday with a balanced mix of not only being taught by high level and experienced instructors , but also relaxing into different atmospheres, finding new and exciting places to visit,. All while Experiencing this amazing and wonderful Italian culture.

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