October 20, 2020
Silicon Valley is exhausted from working at home

In a survey of more than 3,000 employees at some of the country’s biggest tech firms including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, a full 68 percent said they feel more burned out working from home than they did while working in an office. Only 18 percent said they feel less burned out while working from home, with the remaining 14 percent conceding that they feel the same level of burnout at home as in the office.

The freedom to work from home is feeling like anything but for the majority of tech workers recently surveyed by workplace chat app Blind. Burnout was highest at PayPal, Walmart and Facebook at 90 percent, 82 percent and 81 percent at each company, respectively.

In another survey of 2,758 participants, 3 out of 5 said they are working more hours from home compared to what they put in while at the office.