April 12, 2023
What To Do In Livigno Except Skiing?

Skiing on your mind? There is no better place than Livigno! It’s a skiing heaven in Italy.

When in town, you feel tempted to rent a ski-in Livigno, but the other people in your group are too scared to try out the adventure sport.
Although you’ve got instructors taking care of everything, you don’t have to worry about having a dull moment in Livigno.

There are innumerable activities to indulge in when you’re in Livigno. Dive into this post as we share the list of activities you can indulge in, except skiing. You’re going to love this post as we conclude this post!

A New Way of Looking at Livigno

Well, Livigno is famously known for its ski slopes, which last most of the year. You can go to this ski resort anytime and expect a wonderful trip. The gentle slopes invite beginners and intermediates, and there’s always a chance of learning the art of skiing.

You get to enjoy 115 km of beautiful slopes, which are suitable for children too. Experienced skiers can also find challenging and exhilarating slopes. The landscape is breathtaking for nature lovers. Sure, it’s all snow, but that is also a creation of Mother Nature.

We’re all aware that Livigno is especially known for its skiing slopes. But this one’s good for snowboarders too. You may think snowboarding is easy, but it requires some skill and balance. You have to be on a board and slide down while maintaining balance. Did you know that snowboarding is a recreational and competitive sport? You can rent a snowboard and perform the activity under the supervision of an instructor.

Flying Like a Bird is Possible in Today’s Era

Livigno is all about enjoying skiing and snowboarding, but look at it from another lens. If you want to try a fun and new activity, you can paraglide in the famous Livigno skies. The landscape will take your breath away. Imagine flying like that and enjoying the scenic views! The experience is unbeatable, and you will be leaving with new memories. You will be left with unforgettable memories if we’re candid about it. An HD camera will be able to capture the moment when you are up in the sky.

Watch the peaks from above, and capture the beautiful sight with your camera.

Shop til You Drop

If skiing lessons are done, you can go shopping. There are perfumeries, high-tech shops, and branded clothing available. Guess what? You can buy things tax-free. However, please check the regulations and remember to declare the purchases in customs. If you are careful about this, you will prevent any checks and fines.

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